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Fall fashion trends: chunky knits and vintage prints

Fall is the season girls anticipate, plan for and eagerly await all year because of one thing: fall fashion.

Fall turns the pages of style bringing in comfy knits, flowy angel-like fabrics and layers, layers, layers (amen?). This fall and winter season has some exciting new styles for the ladies (and men) to keep their eyes on. Let’s get started.

To begin with, 60’s “mods” are coming to the forefront of fashion. A full array of fun prints and feminine structures from this rad era are making a strong comeback. Fashion fanatics are instantly taken back decades with funky, vintage prints, bright colors and baby-doll silhouettes.

From old-school mini skirts and trapeze dresses, to patent leather knee -high boots and wide legged pants, 2014 fall fashion has some crazy pieces to play with. The 60’s vibe is sweeping the fashion world, and it seems to be a big hit. Those looking to try this trend can visit or a local thrift store for some fun, vintage knits.

Now ladies, be glad because the ever adored over-sized trend is sticking around. (As if you were going to get rid of your over-sized flannels and knits anyway) However, this year has a twist. Head-to-toe knits are taking over. This means the over-sized chunky knit is no longer solely for sweaters, but dresses and pants as well (what?).

Designers such as Marc Jacobs included knit pants in their fall collections this year. Those bold enough to try this trend may get some odd stares but hey, if you like it, rock it. Or maybe not.

Both men and the ladies will want to keep their eyes out for rad statement coats this season. From eccentric, colorful, oversized furs and 3/4-length coats, to men’s overcoats with a feminine twist, the coat game this fall is really stepping up. (Hint hint – 3/4 length “robe-like” menswear inspired coats are sure to be campus hits).

Make way for the gold rush again. Gold and other metallic fabrics splashed the fall/winter runways this year. Saint Laurent, Prada, Chloe and Moschino are some designers who joined the rush.

The sportswear trend is here to stay for a bit longer, too. Dresses made of fleece and mesh are sticking around in stores, showing that “sportswear glam” is still in swing. Also, according to, designers have declared sneakers as the footwear of the moment. Yay! We’ve all seen the Nikes paired with classier pieces like dresses, sweaters and blazers, but there are endless ways to rock a pair of sick kicks with fashion-forward pieces.

Other hot styles to try this fall include the color blue, black and white monochrome prints, ponchos, shearling knits, big collars, fairytale-esk vibes, dark gothic-inspired feathers and brimming cowboy-inspired hats. And boys, according to GQ, “if you’re going to invest in one item this fall, make it a felt fedora.”

That’s about it, folks! Praise the Lord for fall weather and new clothes. Trend report over and out.

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