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FishGang makes their last splash

May graduation exercises will mark the official breakup of the popular student band FishGang. The band first debuted at the 2014 Battle of the Bands.

FishGang gained popularity on campus after appearances in chapel and they recently took second place in the 2015 Battle of the Bands.

“It’s not like we wanted it to happen. We’re always going to be together even if we’re in different states,” said lead singer and pianist B.J. Fisher.

The close-knit band doesn’t necessarily see this as the end, but rather a time to focus on individual goals to later create music together in the future.

“We’ll always be doing music together, but we won’t always be a band,” said pianist Dein-rene’ Amazan. “We believe in each other’s individual drives and vision for themselves. No matter what direction we want to go we still are together. Fish Gang is not the end role.”

FishGang started a few years ago after meeting each other through mutual friendships. Amazan created the band name.

“I was back in Cali walking to my bathroom, and I was like FishGang. That would be so tight,” he said. “It’s a cheesy name but it’s cool.”

Amazan said FishGang represents the Jesus fish. The band’s logo also serves as a special representation. Each letter in the logo stands for God the Father, God the Holy Spirit and God the Holy Ghost. FishGang’s desire is to perform from the heart, even if their music doesn’t appeal to ORU culture.

“You don’t have to be about the gospel all the time to still have God’s spirit with you. Our music may not be gospel-centered, but we all have hearts after God,” said pianist Amazan. “We try to let God’s glory be shown in the earth in an unbiased, uncultural way.”

FishGang landed a spot at ORU alumnus Brian Nhira’s album release party. Opportunities to perform in the Battle of the Bands and begin working on an album in the future are possible, but uncertain.

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