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Five ways to ditch stress, soar through finals week

Midterms and finals can cause stress levels to rise, which can result in negative effects on the body. The pressure that forms due to the influx of assignments and deadlines causes tension and anxiety to escalate amongst students. There are many ways in which students can decompress during and following these stressful times.

1. Take time to do something other than work.
“Each person can de-stress differently. Some people use exercise like going for a walk, run or cycling,” said Letitia Cammon, licensed therapist and ORU student counselor. “Others may de-stress by taking a long drive, journaling, drawing pictures or taking a long shower. Doing things that make you feel like you’re the one being pampered can help relieve stress.”

2. Sleep well and be an early bird.
Prevention and preparation are of some best ways to avoid negative stress and it begins before one actually starts the day. People typically need between 8-10 hours of sleep each night to function properly.

“Students should be up 40 minutes to an hour before they have to get to class. Doing this also allows students to be more alert and attentive once they get to class. You’re brain will be ready to learn and retain more information,” said Cammon.

3. Schedule the paper’s due date in advance.
Proper scheduling and efficient time management are key elements that students can use to help ward off the negative effects of stress.

“Let’s say you have a twenty-page paper that’s due at the end of the semester,” said Cammon. “If you create a schedule for writing a certain number of pages per week, you could have the paper written within a months time simply by scheduling your time efficiently. The stress that usually comes from writing a paper was eliminated.”

5. Leave the dorms and get a study spot.
Choosing the proper studying environment is importan preparing to do schoolwork. For the majority of college students, studying in the bedroom is one of the worst places to study. The bed, TV, cell phone and video games usually win students over.

“Having a designated study space like the library or coffee shop can be a go-to study spot that provides a good studying atmosphere, so you’ll be more likely to get the work done,” Cammon said. “You’re conditioning your brain to think, when I go in here, I’ll have to do work.”

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