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Five ways to fail on Valentine’s Day

American consumers spend about $13 billion annually on Valentine’s Day, according to the Valentine’s Day Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey.

196 million roses are produced. 186 million cards are exchanged. 53 percent of women reported they will end their relationship if they do not receive a gift on Valentine’s Day.

The pressure is on for men to profess their love appropriately. Take this advice in order to keep Feb. 14 clear of arguments and break-ups.

1. Workout equipment sends the wrong
Aerobic points are important and the field test is coming up quick, but telling her she needs to get into shape through a Valentine’s Day gift is generally a bad idea.

2. Giving anything in a ring box
The pressure of “ring by spring” is getting stronger for couples still uncertain about their future together. Nothing will ruin
Valentine’s Day more than making her think she is about to be asked the big question.

3. Gift cards are a no-go
Nothing says “I really do not know you well at all” better than a gift card. Tell her to go buy herself something nice, then watch how well that works out.

4. Expired chocolate is not a gift
Recycling last year’s Ferrero Rocher for this year’s date will result in more problems than just an upset stomach.

5. Saga is not a date
College students generally do not have a large budget, but a date to Saga is a sure-fire express lane to singleness.


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