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Flashback Friday: The original texting

Some things never change. Even in 1984, ORU students still managed to send “text messages” to each other without cell phones, social media or instant messaging. The Oracle made it possible.

ORU students of 30 years ago were not much different than they are today. The Oracle published personal messages written by students to friends and family. In the Sept. 18, 1985 issue, readers can find personal messages printed in the classifieds section.

“Slave, Don’t forget to rinse your Gatorade bottle! Your concerned wing-mates.”

“Bob: I love you babe. Thank you for all that the Lord has made you. Your angel.”

“Mike and Nick, You guys are great! Thanks for all the nice things you’ve done for me. I wouldn’t consider working for anyone else. Keep up the great writing and editing. Love, Loni”

“X-Man-3: Live in Concert” is now available on video cassette. For more information call Mike.”

In 1984, these personal messages were put into print and distributed on campus. This isn’t much different than how students communicate today.

In 2014, Slave’s unrinsed Gatorade bottle would appear on Instagram with the same message as its caption. Bob’s angel would post a picture of them together, and the whole world would observe the couple’s unbreakable love.

Many people say millennials are self-absorbed, and too often want to share personal details of their lives with others online. Millennials have even been called, “the me, me, me generation” by Time magazine.

These personal messages from past ORU students show that three decades ago, 20-something-year-olds were not much different than today.

People have the desire to celebrate and communicate with others. They want to publicly acknowledge the people they love and care about. Giving a shout-out to friends and family on Instagram or Facebook isn’t much different than letting it be printed in the local newspaper.

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