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For free ‘Mockingjay’ tickets, ‘may the odds be in your favor’

Last week, ORU students checked social media and ran around campus more than usual with the chance to win free tickets.

ORU’s Student Association (SA) gave out 400 tickets to students to catch the premiere of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 1 on opening night at Riverwalk Movies.

SA reserved three movie theaters for ORU students to watch the midnight showing of the latest blockbuster in the “Hunger Games” franchise.

Junior Public Relations major Erica Ludwig works for SA as the PR director.

“After we did Catching Fire last year we knew that we had to do it again next year because it was such a huge success,” she said. “The purpose behind doing it is it gets students really involved with each other and Student Association.”

SA posted clues in the form of riddles on their social media. The first student to solve the riddle and find the hidden envelop received 10 tickets to the movie premiere. Other opportunities to win tickets include activities such as a Tulsa-wide scavenger hunt, name drawings, video challenge and dress-up competitions.

One winner, Cheyenne Zawacki, was determined to find her tickets by strategically placing herself in the Hammer center in order to get to any point on campus in a good amount of time.

“I waited until they released the next clue and then ran to security to get the tickets. I am so excited to go the premiere with my best friends this year,” she said.

Senior Psychology major Bria Edgar was on the winning team from the Tulsa-wide scavenger hunt. Her group consisted of four other team members. They had three hours to complete 10 clues leading them to places like Center of the Universe and Riverwalk Movies.

“I think it’s a good way for the school to build community with one another and have some healthy competition,” Edgar says.

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