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From alpha to nu

The first freshman class at ORU found their way to campus 50 years ago. The “alpha class” as they have come to be known, started the legacy of stories that told of God working miracles to bring them to ORU.

The 50th freshman class at ORU comes to campus bearing its own set of remarkable tales full of miracles, faith and the answer of many prayers in their journey to becoming a part of the golden class soon to be known as the #OracleFrosh50.

Dr. George Gillen is the only faculty member at ORU that taught the alpha class 50 years ago. The business professor stays in touch with many of his original students and sees the similarities in his new ones.

“The alpha class was one dedicated to pursuing God,” said Gillen. “I am pleased to see the incoming class carrying that torch.”

Freshman Yuber Monsalve picked up the torch in 2009 during a trip to visit the campus with his classmates. Monsalve and his friends traveled from from their home country of Colombia to compete, and he felt God’s direction when he landed.

“God told me, you’re going to study here,” Monsalve said.

Monsalve was a junior in high school, and before he could attend ORU he was going to have to overcome several obstacles. He moved to El Paso, Texas to further his education and prepare for the rigors of a college education in America.

He had to grapple with the issues presented by living thousands of miles away from home, learning to speak and learn in a new language, and often times his peers did not share his faith.

“If there is a thing I can say about God in that moment it’s faithfulness,” said Monsalve. God did it all, and He brought me here.”

Monsalve’s principal in El Paso was very connected with ORU. Because of his hard work and dedication she was able to help him apply and be accepted.

Monsalve is just one member of the 50th freshman class, but he is not the only incoming student with an inspiring story. For Provost Kathleen Reid-Martinez, who leads all things academic at ORU, students like Monsalve inspire great excitement.

“They are keeping the ORU traditions of being very personable and very engaged,” said Reid-Martinez.

She hopes that this new crop will “carry the legacy of the first group.”


Editor’s note: This is part of the Oracle’s continuing coverage on ORU’s 50th freshman class. Follow the action by using the hashtag #OracleFrosh50. 

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