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Grad dreams big, opens Haiti orphanage

On June 28, graduate Kristie Chute fulfilled her God-given dream by opening Kingdom Kids Home in Haiti. Now 16 children are off the streets living in their own home. Chute plans on returning to Haiti Dec. 14 to give the children their first Christmas. ORU students are invited to join the team.

“The whole point is to bring these kids into the kingdom of God, get them saved and show them who Jesus is,” she said. “Then when they are older, they can go out and bring other people into the kingdom of God by sharing their testimony. We want to train them to be the next generation of leaders, so they have the potential to change their nation.”

Chute, president and founder of Kingdom Kids Home, knew at six years old she wanted to be a missionary. God told her to go around the world and teach people about Him. It wasn’t until her freshman year at ORU she knew what that dream looked like. That summer, Chute visited Haiti and prayed God would give her a sign.

“God told me He wanted me to open an orphanage,” Chute said. “But while I was still young and in college I said, ‘No way, that’s not possible.’”

During her sophomore and junior years, she planned the name of the orphanage and mission statement. Kingdom Kids Home name comes from Mark 10:14 and their mission statement is “rescuing orphans and abandoned children—ushering them into the kingdom of God.”

With limited funding and only a dream and God’s word, Chute pursued the opening of the orphanage. Within months, the Lord provided funding for Kingdom Kids Home.

“It’s just crazy. When you say, ‘Yes,’ to God, He just takes that and runs with it and provides everything,” Chute said.

“My favorite life verse is 1 Tim. 4:12. I put the verse on the wall for [the kids] to see. I want them to go after their dream. Yes, there will be people who tell you no; it will be hard but it’s not about you. It’s about God. Work hard, make God the center of your life and [have] faith,” Chute said.

In preparation for her return to Haiti, Chute is looking for people to help minister to the children. Information for the trip can be found on

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