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Healing the kaleidoscope heart in Tulsa tour stop

After standing for an hourand a half in Cain’s Ballroom on Aug. 27, concert goers were a little more than anxious for piano princess,
Sara Bareilles to take the stage.

The pop-rock artist came out and welcomed her opening act, the band Harper Blynn.

“These guys are seriously so good, you aren’t going to stay after their performance,” Bareilles said.

This alternative band was a bombshell, consisting of two vocalists, a bass player and drummer. With love-struck lyrics and some intense electric guitar skills, Harper Blynn songs echoed the glam-rock tunes of the 70s and 80s, while sounding indie at other times.

After the unexpected opening jam session, the moment every girl and her boyfriend had been waiting for arrived.

Ambient lights came up, and Sara Bareilles stood to play her baby grand piano and sing her song “KaleidoscopeHeart.”

The singer-songwriter performed a very authentic show; she made conversation with the crowd, slipped in humor and gave the audience the chance to belt her lyrics.

One girl in the audience asked Bareilles if she would listen to her personal album. The singer obligingly told her to bring it up to the stage.

Perhaps the biggest crowd pleaser was Bareilles’ single, “Love Song,” which soared to the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Top 100 Chart in 2007.

Bareilles’ band consisted of a guitarist, bassist, drummer, two cellists and a keyboardist.

Never skipping a note heard on her albums and revealing her soft side, Bareilles served the audience with a raw performance.

“Her music connected to everyone in the room on some emotional level,” Geena Fontanella, a junior music performance major said.

Bareilles said her visit to Cain’s Ballroom a year ago was a “healing experience,” because it was the first time they performed after the stage at the Sugarland concert collapsed.

“Hanson let us borrow all of their equipment because we were left with nothing,” Bareilles said. “So thank you, Tulsa, for all of the healing and love that took place that night.”

The stage collapsed from a severe thunderstorm wind gust after Bareilles’ opening performance for Sugarland. Seven people were killed and 58 were injured.

Bareilles ended by performing “Brave,” her new single and third top 40 hit in the U.S. She brought Harper Blynn back out for a joint encore performance of Bon Iver’s song “Blood Bank.”

It’s a marvel that an artist so wellknown as Sara Bareilles would tour the quaint streets of Tulsa’s downtown Brady Arts District.

She said she liked the close vicinity of the crowd to her. Then again, it makes sense for a genuine performer to enjoy the small places.

Harper Blynn signed autographs at a meet and greet after the concert and all piano/ballad lovers went home thoroughly pleased for a Tuesday night.

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