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Highly anticipated ‘Son of God’ impresses audiences

From Mark Burnett and Roma Downey’s “The Bible” series comes the highly anticipated and inspiring movie “Son of God.”

Movie goers flocked to theaters last weekend to see this film bringing in about 25.6 million dollars in sales. Starring Diogo Morgado as Jesus, Sebastian Knapp as John, and Darwin Shaw as Peter, “Son of God” delivers a strong depiction of the life of Jesus.

“Son of God” used several creative devices to set it apart from other Jesus movies. First, Jesus’ life is told from the perspective of the disciple John. Secondly, the movie evokes great emotion from the audience. Each actor gave a strong performance and allowed the audience to feed off their emotion.

Also, the crucifixion scenes were well done. Unlike Mel Gibson’s “Passion of the Christ,” “Son of God” doesn’t focus on the graphic nature of Jesus’ death but on the emotional pain that Christ endured along with his close followers.

However, no movie is without flaws. “Son or God” was not perfect and had a few minor problems. The movie was not entirely accurate.

Those who know the Bible well will be able to easily spot the movie scenes that happened differently than what was told in the Bible and also the scenes added to the movie that were not in the Bible at all.

In addition to the inaccurate depictions, the movie also was slightly sloppy in using computer graphics, due to the fact that many of these effects were very easy to spot.

“Son of God” did not live up to all the hype entirely, but it was a powerful movie. The audience will be enthralled by this dramatic depiction of Jesus’ life.

Believers will especially enjoy this movie as they are reminded of the precious sacrifice that Jesus made for humanity. “Son of God” is definitely a must see and will not disappoint movie goers.

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