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Hillsong brings the message of hope in new movie

World known worship band Hillsong United is finally getting their movie on the big screen after several disappointing setbacks. “Hillsong: Let Hope Rise” will be officially released in theaters on September 16.

“I love that what were apart of is not just reaching Christians but reaching non-Christians too,” said band member Simon Kobler. “What we’re doing is we’re really trying to share this relationship with God we have with others and share how good that can be.”

The idea of the film came up after two Hollywood producers attended a Hillsong concert at the Hollywood Bowl in California. The producers were greatly impacted by the experience.

“That’s kinda the birth of the film. Those two guys wanted to capture what happened on that night which, is obviously the move of God, and take that into cinemas and have that available for everyone else to experience that too,” said Kobler.

The desire was there but unfortunately it took a while before the movie could fully move forward. The company who took on the film distribution had gone bankrupt and the Hillsong movie was held back along with other films. A legal battle also sprung up causing the movie’s release date to be pushed back. Christian film company PureFlix came along later and partnered with Hillsong to produce the film.

The movie follows the lives of the band members and they journey from a small church in Sydney Australia to a world famous worship band. The process for recording their album “Empires” is covered as well glimpses of the member’s personal lives.

“[The film] explains how we’re just average people from Sydney and none of what has been accomplished would have ever happened without God. It tells the story of His faithfulness and how much he loves and blesses his people and how he incredible he is,” said Kobler.

The band hopes the movie instills hope in people and helps people learn there is something bigger than the life they are living. Even though this movie is a great opportunity for Hillsong, the band wants to keep the focus where it belongs.

“We don’t want them to look at this and see our name in flashing lights. We want them to be pointed to Jesus and his power and not anything we can achieve,” said Kobler.

See “Hillsong: Let Hope Rise” in theaters Friday September 16 including AMC Southroads 20 and Cinnemark at Tulsa.


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