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‘Honestly’: A fresh take from Tyler Ward

Many are familiar with Tyler Ward’s YouTube covers of popular artists’ songs. With his own unique style and charming good looks, Ward quickly made his claim to fame. An independent artist from Denver, Colo., he continues his music endeavors in his latest album, “Honestly.”

Featuring 12 songs of pop rock, the album is suitably named, as each track portrays the sincere feelings Ward has toward a special someone in his life.

Most of the tracks range from a medium to slow pace, with the exception of a few more upbeat tunes.

Those familiar with Ward’s music notice the the album includes older tracks from previous albums, such as “Dashes” and “Keeping Secrets.”

The album also features tracks with Alex G, another popular YouTube artist, and Lindsey Stirling, a violinist, dancer and performer.

Keeping the sound of the album instrumentally simple, Ward made use of basic instruments such as the guitar, piano and drums.

However, simple does not define “Honestly”’s sound. In the first track, “S.O.S.,” Ward introduces the horn. “Forever Starts Tonight” also includes special sound effects and, in “Some Kind of Beautiful,” the violin joins the entourage.

With all the new sounds, Ward still remains true to his style of music.

The songs in this album are unique to Ward’s musical style, making the album both original and fresh.

Those not familiar with Ward’s music may not be instantly attracted to his style. However, after tuning in, Ward’s critics will be captured by his catchy tunes.

Considering Tyler Ward’s independent signing, the album was a professional production. If you like a raw, simple, acoustic feel to music, Tyler Ward’s “Honestly” is the album for you.

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