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International students reflect on unique traditions

Christmas lights drape the Prayer Gardens and the Armand Hammer Center flashes red and green. It’s Christmastime.

Christmas can mean many things to different people. Aiodago Uises, a sophomore from Namibia, thinks of Christmas as an “expression of God’s love that we have the privilege to celebrate.”

While the focus of the holidays changes from culture to culture, strong family bonds are a resounding theme throughout the world during this season.

“The gifts are great and the parties and fireworks are exciting, but at the end of the day, family matters more than anything, and Christmas is another chance to celebrate them,” said Michele Gomez, a sophomore from Guatemala.

Christmas is a time of charity and love, but some choose to have this outlook all year long.

“Everyday I look forward to coming home to my family, and I try to always be in a state of celebrating my Savior,” said Reshi Jason, a grad student from India. “To me, everyday is Christmas.”

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