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iPhone vs. Galaxy comes down to recall and personality

If you have a Galaxy Note 7, why are you still reading this? Go return your phone now. I can wait.

On Sept. 15, Samsung and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a full recall of the phone. The lithium ion battery can overheat when charging and cause the phone to melt or burst into flames. There is good news though. Samsung will replace your phone if it is one of the roughly one million affected units.

Just eight days before the recall was announced, Apple released the iPhone 7 to mixed reviews. This week marks another chapter in the long smartphone feud between Apple and Samsung.

I will admit that I use an iPhone, but I have no biases when it comes to the Apple or Android argument. In a few words, I will attempt to help you understand which phone meets your needs. So ask yourself…

Do you watch a lot of videos on your phone? 

Samsung’s Galaxy series has consistently led the way in this field. In terms of hardware, there are not many differences between Apple and Samsung, but this is an exception. The Galaxy’s screen size falls between the iPhone 7 and 7+, however, the resolution and pixel density are considerably greater. This translates to more accurate images on screen.

Do you own a Mac, or like the way Macs feel? 

If you use a Mac and like the structure and layout of it, the iPhone might be for you. It looks and feels like a smaller version of Apple’s computers. Apple’s family of products are designed to work together. Features like Airdrop and the Photos app make it easy to seamlessly transition between mobile and computer.

Do you take a lot of pictures with your phone? 

Consider both options here. In testing, the Galaxy’s camera tends to be more consistent. The autofocus also tends to clarify images faster than the iPhone, and the camera’s sensor is able to handle very dark or very bright areas well. The iPhone 7+, however, uses two separate lenses to capture a more realistic field of view. It also uses optical zoom, which greatly increases the quality of long distance photos.

Tie breaker: What do you like? 

The legal feud between Samsung and Apple has raged since 2010. While it’s easy to get lost in technical details and minute differences, many people forget to ask the most important question. What do you like?

Apple consistently strives for minimalism in its products, always seeking to push the industry forward (looking at you, headphone jack). Samsung pursues simplicity and a more timeless look in its design.

There are very few major differences between the phones, besides how and where certain features are placed. Before you praise your favorite brand of smartphone, give the other a try.

If you decided to ignore my advice and continued to read this article, you can find more information about the recall and replacement process at: