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‘Jack Ryan:’ Entertaining but ordinary thriller

“Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” is the fifth movie that continues the dramatic “Jack Ryan” series based on a book by Tom Clancy.

The story revolves around Jack Ryan, an ex-marine who becomes an analyst for the CIA. During some extensive research, Ryan believes that he has discovered a Russian terrorist plot to collapse the American economy. In an instant, Ryan’s life turns upside down as he races against time to thwart Russia’s plan.

“Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” attempts to attract audiences through its cast. The familiar cast is indeed a plus for the movie. Chris Pine, known best for his “Star Trek” movies, takes on the major role of Jack Ryan. Supporting actress in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series, Keria Knightly, appears as Ryan’s fiancé. Academy, Golden Globe and Emmy award-winner Kevin Costner plays Thomas Harper who recruits Ryan into the CIA.

The movie has a decent combination of action, romance and suspense to make it attention-grabbing. It was well contemplated without any needless or painfully drawn out action scenes. The audience will enjoy the action in Ryan’s savvy fight against his crazed Russian enemy.

To accompany the dramatic “secret agent” storyline was the romance between Ryan and his fiancée, Cathy. The audience will enjoy the romantic exchange between the characters. Their devotion for each other is gripping. The suspense adds a dramatic effect to the story.

The audience will be kept on the edge of their seats wondering how Ryan will be able to make it past challenging and unbelievable odds.

Even though “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” had much to offer it still lacked in some key areas. First, the movie was predictable. The plot was filled with small twists and turns here and there but nothing that would truly surprise the audience.

Also, Jack Ryan was not incredibly original. The storyline provided for an original tale, but the way the storyline played out was typical of any other thrilling drama.

All in all, “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” was an average movie, and it showed.

The movie intended to bring in a large number of young audience members, but not many were drawn to this movie. This dramatic thriller will definitely be entertaining the first time around, but once movie goers see it once, they won’t be thrilled to see it again.

Three and a half stars for the exciting but average “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.”

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