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“Les Miserables” is must-see

Les MiserablesWhen most newly released movies are jam packed with violence, raw language, drug abuse and rampant sexual themes, it is hard to find a movie with any real substance or applicable themes. “Les Miserables” (pronounced lay mizzer-ah or lay mizzer-ahbl) is one movie that breaks all social norms.

This film rendition of one of the the biggest musicals of all time follows the story of Jean Valjean, a criminal released after 19 years. After a raw and intense encounter with God, Valjean casts off his old life and breaks parole to become a new man. The inspector Javert, who supervised Valjean while in prison, has vowed to see Valjean once again in chains. To keep a promise, Valjean rescues a young girl, adopts her, and the two go into hiding in pre-revolutionary Paris. Though they hide successfully for a decade, Valjean finds that his past is closer than he thinks.

This movie is aesthetically stunning and beautiful in a very realistic way. The acting is phenomenal, as well as the heartfelt and emotional singing. Les Mis is a movie that contains numerous big-name actors: Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfried, Helena Bonham Carter—and that doesn’t include the number of London’s West End stars who played key roles. These actors were definitely a wonderful concoction on the big screen.

Yes, it’s a musical and yes, with previews, it’s about three hours long, but the radical truth of the movie and the sheer beauty of the film cannot be ignored. “Les Miserables” is one movie you should take the time too see, even if you don’t go while it is in theaters. It is a great film, not only for the acting or the singing, but also for the reality of the life-changing mercy of God and the truth of sacrificial love.

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