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‘Madagascar’ penguins make their own debut

Penguins of Madagascar is definitely aimed at children 10 and under, but it has much wider appeal and will keep older children as well as adults entertained all the same.

The movie is based around the four penguins that kids have all come to love and made popular by the “Madagascar” films.  This movie is obviously and unapologetically targeted at smaller children and it will most certainly keep them amused as Penguins of Madagascar is filled with madcap antics.

The film starts with the story of the penguins coming together and getting to know each other. They go on silly and wild adventures that are extremely fun and colorful.

The movie really shines with the cast and the voices of the main characters are all excellently done. The voices of the penguins are especially well done and still have the charm of the original Madagascar movies. This is the strength of the movie.

This movie, although absolutely not groundbreaking or close to a masterpiece, is a fun new entry for the four penguins. It is colorful, charming and at times laugh-out-loud funny, and will definitely appeal to a wide audience.

The story contains a handful of funny gags and jokes that will have young and old laughing alike, even though the storytelling and animation are anything but revolutionary. It is absolutely an enjoyable movie that will entertain audiences for just over an hour and a half.

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