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Netflix binge directory for fall break

With fall break coming up, students are definitely going to want something to do to keep themselves occupied. Netflix has several TV shows and movies to accommodate viewers.

“I like drama mixed with action,” said sophomore Titus Schmitt. He is a big fan of The Office and The Flash.

Schmitt also enjoys watching the Star Wars movies and Napoleon Dynamite.

Netflix has a variety of comedies, family movies, and dramas to choose from. Most of the shows and movies listed below have a rating of three or more stars on Netflix.

Check out these additions to Netflix on fall break:

TV Shows:

The Flash, The Ranch, Project MC2, The Oce, Gilmore Girls, DC Legends of Tomorrow

Comedies/Family Shows:

New Girl, Psych, Fuller House, Malcolm in the Middle, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Saved by the Bell

TV Dramas:

Bones, Sherlock, Supergirl, Hawaii Five-O, Madam Secretary, Once Upon a Time


Zootopia, Fantasia, Tarzan, Home, Holes, Minions

Movie Dramas:

Grease: Live, Forrest Gump, The Best of Me, The Bible, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Trek: Voyager