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New album boldly brings restoration

Senior Jalen Thomas’ life picked up pace after recently releasing his second album, “From This Place.” Thomas reflects on his journey of becoming a two-time album-releasing music artist.
“[It’s] kind of surreal that I’m getting it done. It’s really awesome and very relieving,” he said. “My prayer is that [the album] would move the Lord and
man [closer] to each other.”
Thomas works as an independent recording artist and writer who started self-producing his own music.
“I would describe my genre as alternative Christian music,” he said.
“From This Place” offers listeners the chance to see the promises of God’s restoration in the midst of today’s global pain. Thomas expresses his desire for people to understand how God recognizes their hurt while leading them into worship through the Holy
“We, as the kingdom of God, have an opportunity to address the pain and turmoil and communicate [God’s love] to the world,” he said. Thomas’ inspiration is boldly using the gift God has given Him. He used negative experiences from his life to write “From This Place.”
“I was going through some traumatic things and I wrote [the album] saying ‘I still choose you, Lord.’”
His gift helps him find beauty in the hard times of life, and he hopes to inspire others to use theirs as well.
“[The album] got such an amazing response, and the people wanted to hear it again,” Thomas said, recalling his experience at a church in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Thomas is currently working on the third installment of what he calls his “Trilogy Project.”
“It’s going to be the most ‘me’ sounding of all the three projects.” said Thomas. “It’s a different spin on worship [and] I think people will be drawn to the uniqueness of it.”

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