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Newsboys rock the state fair

The Newsboys rocked the Tulsa State Fair Monday night on the Oklahoma Stage as a part of their “We Believe Tour.”

“The concert was a neat experience overall,” concert attendee and ORU senior Grant Reynolds said. “I love outdoor concerts because it feels open to more people. My favorite part was seeing a whole crowd raise their arms in worship at a public event.”

The Newsboys played mostly songs from their recent albums, “God’s Not Dead” and “Restart.”

“They weren’t what I expected,” concert attendee and ORU sophomore Emily Tackett said. “The lead singer talked about real stuff. It wasn’t just a concert to them. They were trying to make a difference, and I could tell.”

They opened with the song “Born Again,” one of only two songs sung from the similarly titled album.

“Restart” dominated the concert, with eight out of the 17 songs played coming from the band’s newest release.

The Newsboys also treated fans to some older works from the pre-Tait era. The Newsboys performed “He Reigns,” released in 2005, and “Something Beautiful,” released in 2006.

The band also played “Where We Belong,” a song included in their upcoming album. “Hallelujah for the Cross,” a collection of hymns, is set to be released on Nov. 4.

The Newsboys closed with “Jesus Freak.” The crowd’s already loud cheering only got louder with drummer Duncan Phillips’ performance on a spinning drum set. The drum set first raised up and rotated with Phillips still playing. Then, the drum set turned on its side, giving the crowd an above-view of Phillips drumming.

After the band left the stage, the crowd’s cheers quickly turned into a chant of “God’s not dead,” referring to the Newsboys song with the same name.

The fans were quickly pleased when the band played a clip of the movie “God’s Not Dead,” followed by coming back out to sing the song itself.
The band finished worship-style with their rendition of “Revelation Song.”

“I was thrilled that they were invited to the Tulsa State Fair,” Reynolds said. “They are one of the most popular contemporary Christian bands today, and they are taking a stand with their music through their message that ‘God’s not

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