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Extra, extra: ‘NEWSIES’ comes to Tulsa

Stop the press! Disney’s Tony Award-winning “NEWSIES” is coming straight off of Broadway to Tulsa. The show is like a newspaper, filled with exciting headline after headline, but also including sensational showtunes and explosive dance numbers. It’s something to think twice about missing.

“NEWSIES” will arrive at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center (PAC) and will last only four days, September 14-18, with matinee and evening performances at various times.

Based off of the 1992 Disney movie, “NEWSIES takes the audience through an adventurous story inspired by the newsboys’ strike of 1899. As newspaper typhoons William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer increase in greed, Pulitzer inflates the newspaper prices for newsboys. A band of homeless boys become unlikely heroes as they take on some of the most powerful men in New York City in a strike for what they believe is right. The strike becomes a frontpage headline in the newspaper thanks to the help of a young journalist named Katharine.  To quote the leader of the newsboys, Jack Kelly, “dat’s da foist thing ya gotta learn headlines don’t sell papes. Newsies sell papes.”

“NEWSIES” features scores by Alan Menken (music) and Jack Feldman (lyrics)—who are also known for their work in “Beauty and the Beast” and “The Little Mermaid.” The Broadway show will include songs such as the popular “Seize the Day” and the wishful “Santa Fe”—all inspired by the feisty characters and boyish innocence which can only be explained as “a boy’s gotta do what a boy’s gotta do”-mentality throughout the musical.

“‘NEWSIES’ has the best band of dancing tramps this side of ‘West Side Story,’ and the ensemble defies gravity regularly, flying across the stage with glee. They’re aggressively charming, and sure to uplift even the dourest of dispositions,” said LA Weekly.

Choreographer Christopher Gattelli revived customary Broadway dance sequences that command attention with the strength and stamina only a young newsboy could master. Backflip after backflip show the tenacity of the diligent newsboys. Perhaps the most astounding dance step is the pirouette on newspapers. The dancer lands a quadruple turn with ease as if the surface offered any friction for the movements.

If there wasn’t enough packed into the show, the romantic tension between Jack Kelly and Katharine keeps the show full of newsworthy gossip. The back-and-forth flirting leaves the audience light-hearted.

“Seize the day!” and buy a ticket to the explosive, Disney Broadway show “NEWSIES.” Seats are filling up quickly for September 14-18. Buy tickets by calling the PAC ticket office, (918) 596-7111, or by visiting

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