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‘Oh what love’: Alumna Suzi Land releases her first album

Suzi Land used to perform on the chapel stage for friends and classmates. But this time, she looked to the audience of unfamiliar faces wondering if she was ready for this moment.

Then she went for it.

ORU alumna Suzi Land released her first album “Oh What Love” on Sunday, Sept. 7. She led campus worship, performing some of her songs for the student body and Tulsa community.

Land, who began the creative process in January, faced many obstacles throughout the process of recording and releasing the album.

“The week before the concerts was one of the most crazy weeks of my life,” she said. “Everything that could have fallen through did. I’m cautious about using the term ‘attacks of Satan,’ but it had to have been. I think he knew the impact the songs and concert would make. He tried so hard to [prevent it from happening].”

Land’s final thought before performing was “am I ready for this?”

“Everything fell through,” she said. “But God naturally put everything back together. It was a testament to everything. Nothing that I planned happened. Nothing. It was all the Lord’s planning. Which ended up being, of course, way better than what I had planned. That’s just the way that he works.”

Land started writing music when she was young and always enjoyed the thought of releasing an album.

“It was never something I thought would happen,” Land said. “It was a ‘yeah that will never happen’ kind of dream.”

Land said things started coming together as she began writing. She described the process as organic.

The album includes songs like “Saturate” and title track “Oh What Love.” Funding for this project primarily came from her own pocket. She also received support from her family and friends. Two separate people wrote her $1,000 checks.

John Coggins produced the album and worked as the engineer. Jon Grogan provided the artwork for the project.

“My favorite lyrics from the album is, ‘How can someone so unworthy be so worth it all?’” Land said. “I had this moment with the Lord when I was writing that song. I was thinking about all he’s done for me and how unworthy I am for what he’s done. And he said, ‘You’re worthy because I made you worthy. You see yourself unworthy, but I call you worthy.’”

Land said this project taught her the importance of patience and creating the album pushed her to finish what she starts.

“I learned the importance of developing the gifts that the Lord has given me,” Land said. “It’s my responsibility to do something with it. If I let it stay in my pocket, it’s not going to do anybody any good. I think that’s the biggest impact.”

As a student at ORU, Land led worship during chapel and campus worship services. She also went on worship-oriented mission trips.

“Those experiences were probably the most impacting for me,” Land said. “Most of the experience I gained came from the worship program rather than the coursework.”

Land also contributed to the ORU worship album “Come Like a Flood,” writing “Rest in Your Presence,” and co-writing “Your Answer” with Israel Sierra.

People can purchase Land’s album or find out more about the project at

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