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ORU grad to release new album

ORU alumnus Symon Hajjar is releasing a new album entitled after his band “Dear Saint Isaac.” The soft release will take place Feb. 18 at a house show in Tulsa called the Bungalow.

The 2007 Spanish grad created the album with friend, Garth Björklund. The duo has been collaborating for years. Their first album was entitled “When Clocks No Longer Speak.”
Four of the 11 songs are free to download on Noise Trade. After two days of posting the songs, the site contacted them to ask if the band could be recognized in the “Top 12 New and Notable” for the week.
They will sell hard copies of the full CD before it posts online. The iTunes release will come out at the end of this month.
The faith-inspired music has been described as indie or folk, but Hajjar said it does not fit into a certain genre.
“When I made this album, I really wanted to feel like I didn’t have to fit a certain genre for a certain crowd or tailor it, but let it be what it was,” Hajjar said.
Hajjar and Björklund spent a year and a half creating the new album driving back and forth to Nashville.
“That’s longer than I normally take, but it was really important to me to find people to work with who I really believed in and who believed in the music,” Hajjar said. “These songs are about things that have resonated in me for years. Some of these songs are 10 years in the making.”
Hajjar said he feels the best songs come from community and relationships.
“It’s always been really important to me to write music with other people who are very intimately involved with the music to where you can’t find the dividing lines between them and me,” Hajjar said.
He picked up the guitar when he was 20 and was “hooked” on song writing. He led campus worship, sang in the choir and toured for his first few years at ORU before working on his own music projects.
The musician has since played at venues all over Tulsa from churches to coffee shops. Aside from music, he has taught three years for Global Gardens, a nonprofit that teaches science, peace and empowerment through urban gardening at Title 1 schools in Tulsa and Broken Arrow. According to Hajjar, his experience with Global Gardens has helped him write music about “a life really being lived.”
Dear Saint Isaac will begin their “For Those Who Will Listen Tour” this spring.
“I did the album with the intention of making something that wasn’t necessarily made for the masses or would appeal to everyone,” Hajjar said. “For the people who it does connect to, it would speak deeply to them. Hopefully we can form a connection with those people for years because we have a lot to share.”
To keep up with Dear Saint Isaac’s spring tour, like them on Facebook. To donate to the completion of their projects and receive an album and band merchandise for giving, visit

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