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‘ORU’s Got Talent’

Talent is not scarce in the ORU community. This talent is exactly why ORU has been working hard to bring students ORU’s Got Talent, the school’s take on the wildly popular show “America’s Got Talent.” Get to know the finalists before they perform in chapel Friday, Feb. 13.

Kimberlyn Simon

Talent: Vocal & Guitar Performance
“I’ve played guitar for 11 years and took lessons from Jason Swanson my senior year [of high school]. As long as I’m in God’s will, I’m happy.”

Billy Barantes

Talent: Balancing Act
“I am an entertainer. It’s not just me getting on stage, it’s starting a conversation…”

La’Derrick Aliner

Talent: Jazz Vocal and Piano
“I’ve always loved remixing things. Music is inexcusable to me, so it’s always fun to explore new things, bring new expression, and share new perspectives.”

Luis Aguirre

Talent: Drumming Performance
“No one taught me how to play drums, I just knew. They needed a drummer one day at church, so I went up and played. I would practice on pillows and anything that made noise.”

Seany Denson

Talent: Vocal Performance
“If you would take my testimony and put it in the Old Testament, that’s what picture this song will paint for you. Just having this opportunity to sing this song in front of this audience is a testament in itself.”

Photo by Chandler Branzell
Photo by Chandler Branzell

Dr. Randall Feller, Professor of Psychology and Chair of Behavioral Sciences Department

Talent: Vocal performance of a original piece written during RenewU
“I’ve been a part of ORU for 48 years. This whole adventure we’re caught up in, living the vision that Oral had, is amazing.”

Dr. William Collier and Dr. Hallett Hullinger, Chemistry and Graduate School of Education professor, respectively

Talent: Performance with a banjo and guitar
“We would like to personally thank every single ORU music faculty who decided not to enter the competition. We could not have done this without you.”

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