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Musical unity: Eight pianists and 88 keys

Timko Barton Performance Hall will be hosting its annual 8×88 Piano Festival on Oct. 1. The festival is open to the public and will feature performers of all ages and piano-playing levels.

“We join together with one common goal: to produce a common piece of music,” said Professor Vicki Walker.

Walker and Joyce Bridgeman co-coordinate the event. This is the third year this festival has taken place. The first year, Walker and Bridgeman wanted to try it out to get the Tulsa community involved with ORU, and it turned out to be a success. Four acoustic pianos are placed on the performance hall stage and two people are seated to a piano.

“The joy of creating musical sounds with seven other pianists brings much delight to the performers and the audience while four pianos are played simultaneously by eight duet pianists,” said Bridgeman. 

There is a limited number of performance spots available. Any duet interested can sign up through ORU’S website or talk to Bridgeman in her office in Timko Barton. The fee is $20 for non-students and $5 for students. Performers will also receive a T-shirt to be worn at the festival. The registration deadline was this Wednesday, but ORU students are usually asked to fill in any empty performance spots.

“We have received applications from approximately 30 pianists in Tulsa, so any ORU pianist who wishes to join the 2016 ensemble should immediately contact Professor Joyce Bridgman at Musical scores will be assigned according to your ability to read music from early intermediate level up to advanced sight reading ability,” said Bridgman.

“People should be a part of the festival because it promotes unity,” said sophomore Adam Rodgers, who performed in the festival for his first time last year.

“I guess my favorite part of it all would have to be the finale. It was pretty much a bunch of music teachers and me playing a piece that was really difficult and ended with an extremely accented note called marcato,” said Rodgers.

The festival is free to attend. The first rehearsal is on Sept. 17 starting at 8:30 a.m. On Oct. 1, there will be a morning rehearsal and the festival will start at 3 p.m. and end at around 4 p.m. Don Ryan and his son, Barron Ryan, will close the show

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