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Professors’ take on finals survival

Finals will be here in just a few days. Many will be drinking coffee and pulling all nighters to keep their GPA up. Take the advice of ORU’s professors and ace those final exams, instead of drowning in classwork and stressing out.

Linda Dunham

“You just got to keep working. Don’t give up. The alternative can be disastrous.”
– Dr. Linda Dunham, associate professor and chair of the undergraduate school of education

Robert Leeland

“Make a study schedule. Get sleep so you can think clearly during exams. Cover the areas you are weakest in.”
– Dr. Robert Leeland, professor of engineering and physics

Jean Mosley

“Plan ahead. Eat healthy and exercise. Sleep.”
– Dr. Jean Mosley, professor, undergraduate department, college of education 

Dave Burkus

Sleep. That’ll cover a lot of it.
– Professor David Burkus, associate professor of management.

Marcia Livingston

“Review the notes and materials presented in the course, and come to class with clarifying questions rather than asking for a study guide. Form study groups with others who might be able to help you better understand something you are struggling with. Eat properly, get some sleep and ask God for wisdom and insight after repenting for being a poor steward of your time.  He knows what’s on the exams and He is merciful.”
– Dr. Marcia P. Livingston, associate professor, undergraduate program, college of education

Robert Kiel

“Prepare early: Read materials thoroughly.  Focus your studies for the final. Partner Study: After doing your solo studies, study with a partner and group to fill in the gaps. [You are] guaranteed at least a letter grade improvement.

Be well rested for the exam: Don’t wait until the last minute to read materials and cram.”
– Robert Kiel, associate professor of Social Work


Story by Victoria Atterberry, Photos by Rachel Frazer

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