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Q&A with Student Association President Elect

What are you promising the students?
We are big on attracting more financial donations that would go towards students’ scholarships. We are building community by integrating every segment of ORU community—athletic teams, administration, faculty, staff, graduate students, commuters and international students.

What is something we might not know about you?
To many students on campus I am just “that nice and smiley guy.” To others who know me closely, they see me as a determined and hardworking young man. To others who have been influenced by my leadership style, they see me as a visionary. However, because of the widespread publicity about my life story, a lot more outside ORU know my life story than within ORU.

What or who has inspired you to be in leadership?
I have always been inspired by the sacrificial lifestyle of Jesus, how he loved people with so much passion and desired people’s well-being more than anything else. I also learned that Jesus was always contributing to every environment he found himself in. So I took it as a personal responsibility to love people with passion and always seek for ways to be a blessing to them, even if it means going overboard or sacrificing something precious to me. Every environment I get into, I don’t sit around, fold my hands and watch things happen. I just get involved. Anywhere I am placed, I work everything that works. Over time, I have come to recognize that organizational leadership is my calling, and that’s something I want to use on a large scale as a physician in the field of medicine to serve many nations.

How did the Occeeh-Green team come about?
I did not choose Tyler Green because he is my friend. I do not mix business and pleasure together. Among 10 other people I interviewed to run with me, he was the best fit for the job.
What do you admire most about Tyler Green?
Tyler is very passionate about seeing change on our campus. He desires to leave our campus better than he found it when he arrived here as a freshman. His meekness and humility is humbling. He understands that there are sacrifices to be made and prices to be paid and he is willing to give it all it would take to make the process. His work ethic is superb. His integrity is unflinching. He is a great team player who walks the talk and believes in building community.

Did you ever dream you would achieve as much as you have at such a young when you came to America?
I had no dream of achieving anything when I was on my way to the U.S. I just knew within me that God was leading me to my land of Canaan. Things were scary when I first arrived here three years ago. I came with no money, just a change of clothes. I did not know anybody in America…There is no way your mind would go to achieving anything under such prevailing conditions. The only thing I thought of was: ‘How would I survive?’ During the orientation of new students, I heard from Dr. Clarence Boyd, ORU’s dean of spiritual formation, that there is an anointing for greatness on the campus of ORU and that if you make a demand for that anointing, God would place it in your life. That was the spark I needed to position myself with a cheerful and confident disposition for God to write my story.

Do you get nervous in front of large crowds?
Coming to college without a high school education was a scary experience for me, and I made it my top priority to learn American English when I got here. At first I was nervous speaking before dignitaries, but as more opportunities rolled in, I got used to it.

Where do you hope to see the student body in one year?
We want to leave a legacy. We are determined and believe God for help that the next two semesters would be the best year ever for the ORU student body in all ramifications.

Which of your goals or platform positions is most important to you personally?
We want to have more money come in for students’ scholarships. More scholarships would increase enrollment and continuous retention of enrolled students. We want operational changes in the cafeteria (saga) with meal options and meal plans. We desire a revised structure where students will be more involved in deciding what they eat, when they eat and where they eat. We want to take care of our commuters and graduate students. This has been a neglected part of our community over the years. We want every international student to feel welcomed here. We desire that students would experience transformation while at ORU. Each of these goals would improve student life experience. Only a transformed life can be an agent of healing to a hurting world.

Is there anyone you would like to thank?
ORU administration has been very supportive of my stay here. The staff has been incredible. Right from my first day at ORU, each office I walked into, they just treated me as a king. I would not have been where I am today without our phenomenal faculty. They have made stellar investments in my future, and my heart can never forget them. I am especially grateful for my research and academic advisor, Dr. Connie Sjoberg, for her exceptional kindness; professor Sonny Branham, who took me as his own son, Dr. Larry Walker and Dr. Randall Feller whose fatherly advice has seen me through very difficult moments. I am thankful to Matthew Olsen, ORU’s dean of men for hands-on leadership opportunity and mentoring me through the RA program.

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