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Review: Brownies Burgers

Hamburgers, fries and shakes are the comfort foods many college students crave. When McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy’s don’t cut it anymore, take a drive down to Brownies Hamburgers. Brownies is a small burger joint with three locations around the Tulsa area. The store on 6577 S. 71st Street sits right across from Braum’s. Its interior will instantly remind you of an old-fashioned diner with booths and bar stools. Grab a seat and a waiter will come and take your order. Each meal is made to order, so expect a hot fresh burger with sizzling sides.

The Theta Burger is Brownies’ most popular burger and rightfully so. Layered with double meat, cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce, mayo, pickles and onion rings, the Theta burger is a messy yet a delicious treat. The BBQ sauce and mayo give a sweet tangy taste while the soft meat and crunchy onion rings delight in your mouth.

“I liked how the onions were fired into the burger,” said Lily Zaheer, a Brownies customer, about her selected burger.

Tami Tarver, another satisfied customer, raved about her cheeseburger.

“The burger was soft. I really like that.” Both ladies agreed that the onion rings were a good size and not “supersized.” The fries and onion rings are not heavily seasoned, but a few shakes of salt and pepper will make them come to life. Unlike many french fries, Brownies’ fries are more on the soft side with a little crunch. Coming straight from the fryer to the plate, these fries will dissolve in your mouth with one bite. The onion rings are lightly battered and each one is fried to perfection.

For those looking for a different option, Brownies serves battered chicken strips. A regular meal comes with four chicken strips, two sides and Texas toast. Each chicken strip is nicely battered. Buttermilk ranch adds a creamy twist to the strips. The Texas toast is soft, buttery and the perfect addition to the evening meal.

Brownies homemade root beer is the perfect complement to your dining experience.  Sweetened with a small amount of vanilla, this fizzy drink is just right to wash it all down. Don’t leave without getting dessert. Enjoy a slice of sweet, cool and creamy coconut pie.

Next time you’ve got a craving a burger, check out Brownies Burgers. For those of you who want a more upscale gourmet burger, try Brownies Gourmet Burgers at Utica Square.

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