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Review: “Holy Ghost” movie puts God in spotlight

Darren Wilson director and founder of Wanderlust Productions released what he feels is a film completely led by the Holy Spirit, titled “Holy Ghost.” 

The 113-minute film “Holy Ghost” follows the adventures of director Wilson as he travels the globe. He travels with no script and no preparation. His mission is to show others the love of Christ. Wilson wants others to know that the Holy Spirit is real and can move in their lives as well.

ORU sophomore Rohan Aby saw this mission as he watched the movie.

“One of my favorite parts is [when] they go into this Hindu Temple, how they go by faith and to see the passion in which they are going.                         I was amazed,”  Aby said.

Wilson talks to people on the streets. After hearing their stories, he prays for them, and their faces change from skeptical to amazed.

The idea of creating a movie completely led by the Holy Spirit is a new one, and viewers should take into consideration Wilson’s credibility as a director and a Christian.

“If someone doesn’t know the biblical teaching of the Holy Spirit, he could possibly make some mistakes. You can assume that sometimes the Holy Spirit is leading you, when it’s just your own idea,” said ORU Professor of Church Ministries and Theological Studies Samuel Thorpe.

“Holy Ghost” is the latest installment of Wilson’s Christian films. The often controversial topic amongst believers and non-believers has generated considerable interest leading up to the debut.

Dr. Thomas Matthew, Dean of the College of Theology and Ministry said that even non-believers could find interest in this movie.

“They [non-believers] are curious to see it,” Matthew said. “They may not agree with the message, or they may not get it, but we have to trust that the Holy Spirit could prompt and touch some hearts.”

“Holy Ghost” will debut on Oct. 11 at Crestwood Vineyard Church in Oklahoma City at 5 p.m. Admission for the one-night event is free.

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