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Senior Bucket List

Take a spontaneous road trip:

Before jumping into a full-time job post-college, why not take a mini-vacation? Start saving up those skips and be ready to leave at a moment’s notice. Whether it be two or 10 hours away, pack a group of friends in the car, stock up on snacks and venture off to explore an unknown city, big or small.

Become an official Tulsa tourist:       

     Before graduating, there are several must-see spots around the state. Visit landmarks such as the Golden Driller statue, Center of the Universe and even the hidden Blue Whale.

Reconnect with friends from freshman year:

     Many students change noticeably by the time they reach senior year, and their group of friends tend to be a part of those changes. It’s doesn’t hurt to go back and reconnect with them over coffee at Jazzman’s or dinner at SAGA. They would probably welcome a chance to catch up.

Take a class or join a club for sheer enjoyment:

     By the fourth year, gen-ed classes are out of the way (hopefully), and room for electives are finally available. Because fewer core classes remain, there is less homework and more time to take a fun class. Now is the time to take advantage of the great electives ORU offers or join one of the many clubs on campus.

Take a risk:

     Everyone has one thing they have always wanted to try, but never had the guts to. Senior year is the perfect time to try something new and exciting. Whether it be auditioning for the spring musical or joining a prayer set, it’s never too late for students to challenge themselves.

Praying hands photo shoot:

     Yes, It’s cliché, but also necessary. The praying hands symbolize the heartbeat of ORU. Why not take a quick Instagram-worthy snapshot before leaving campus for wherever life and profession leads next?

Attend a concert of a band you’ve never heard of:

     Several popular concert venues are scattered around Tulsa. Students are bound to find bands hitting the stage on a weekend night from small hot-spots such as The Vanguard to the more well-known Cain’s Ballroom and the BOK Center. But why not try something new? Peruse the upcoming shows list, pick an unfamiliar band and enjoy the show. Who knows, the discovery may be a new favorite.

Thank your favorite professor:

     Professors pour their hearts into their classes and students. Take a few extra minutes after class or stop by during their office hours and express the impact and influence they or their class has had. It may earn a glowing recommendation, but more importantly, it may impact their life as much as they have yours.

Go on a roommate date with someone you actually like:

     Roommate date tends to send a shudder of dread and anxiety through the student body of ORU, except maybe freshmen, as they try to determine the cost benefit analysis of asking someone they’re interested in versus a friend. For those on a floor that schedules roommate date in the spring, take a risk and ask out that special person.

Live in the moment and don’t hold back:

     Don’t forget to let loose and embrace the last semester in college. After three and a half years of classes, homework and projects, remember to cherish the final memories of being a Golden Eagle. Let the little moments count. Take a girl out for coffee, stay up late laughing with friends and live spontaneously. These moments will only happen once.

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