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Show me the Monet

Philbrook Museum of Art opened a new exhibit featuring Monet and the Seine last summer. The exhibition includes 16 works of Monet’s earlier paintings as well as his “Mornings on the Seine” series.

“The exhibit is fairly small in numbers, but I think it really captures a lot of what Monet was about,” said Sarah Lees, curator of European Art at Philbrook. “It covers a pretty broad span of his career and shows you how his art developed.”

Claude Monet is known for his work with impressionism, a painting style that focuses on bright colors and the way light reflects off objects. The “Mornings on the Seine” series is a prime example of this.

“Monet was one of the first artists to develop the idea of painting a series that worked,” said Lee.

Monet lived near the Seine River and enjoyed painting the landscapes near his home. Lees went on to say that the Seine had a specific meaning to Monet. He looked to focus on one subject rather than look for a variety of subjects.

This series received much praise from critics and helped him become established as a French landscape painter. Visitors to the Monet exhibit can gain a better understanding of the elements that made his paintings unique.

Visitors will also enjoy the interactive side of the exhibit which allows them to test their own artistic abilities. The exhibit will last until Sept. 20. Monet fans will not want to miss this display of Monet and the Seine.

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