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Social work students play ‘Ghetto’

How many classes do you have that plays a vintage board game during class?

The introductory social work class utilizes a unique teaching tool to give students hands on experience with poverty-stricken neighborhoods.

Taught by Chene Tucker, associate professor of social work, the class plays the 1969 board game, “Ghetto.”

Students are paired with characters that live in poverty. They are given hours in the day to use for different things, whether that be going to work or finishing high school.

Each round is a year in the life of the character.

Roll a certain number, and you may have another child. Draw a card, and you may lose your job. Be a victim of violence and lose the points you strive so hard to accumulate.

Tucker manipulated the game to bring it up to speed for 2013 like basing the welfare system on Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.

“Ghetto is not a perfect game. It’s not a perfect experience to show students what it is like to actually live in poverty,” Tucker said.

“You have to be able to look through the world in that persons eyes.”

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