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Spring it up this summer: Fashion Tips 2015

The Oracle staff selected the best of what to expect fashion-wise for all things spring and summer. Bohemian chic, polished posh, simple style and color pops are the hottest runway looks this year. These tips will assist both fashion followers and those in need of a fashion update.

“When we get up in the morning and decide what to wear, we’re making a conscious fashion decision, whether we realize it or not,” said Hilary Alexander, British journalist and fashion director of The Daily Telegraph, in response to the fashion trends showcased in Spring 2015 fashion week.

From Feb. 12 to March 4,  fashions of this season were featured in the cities of Milan, Paris, London and New York. The following are the top five essential highlights trending this season.

1) White, white and more white: Wearing all white used to be taboo. However, the chains have lifted and all-white ensembles are being welcomed with open arms. Mixing textures and shades will make your whiteout even trendier this season.

2) Chunky heels/sandals: This popular trend from the ‘90s has tip-toed its way back into our closets and onto streets all across America. This fresh take on the classic heel has made its way to sandal-inspired heels and ankle booties alike. Whichever one you pick, your feet will thank you at the end of the day.

3) Purple eyeshadow: This flirty hue can vamp up any look this spring from New York to London. Wear it light and romantic or dark and mysterious. Either way, people will take a second look as you walk by. If you feel extra daring, add purple mascara to intensify your work of art.

4)  Accenting the outfit: Make a statement with a bold accessory this season. A sparkly chunky necklace or shimmering gold bracelet will make any outfit runway ready, whether it’s coupled with a pastel shade or a crisp white blouse. Don’t be afraid to pile on the rings: the more the merrier.

5)  Boho chic: Two words: Lace and fringe. This style brings a frumpy gypsy to mind, but with the right balance of accessories and clothing, you can achieve a polished bohemian look. Stylists can also try pairing a paisley or floral print with simple denim and a floppy hat.

Fashion tip: Try wearing a crochet top or sheer shawl with a coordinating undergarment, coupled with high-waist denim, dangly earrings and chunky heels.

These trends are sure to bring any wardrobe to the next level. Try them all out at once or pick and choose. Either way you will be prepared for a fun, flirty and exciting “springy” summer.

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