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Street Rose, offering hope to homeless women

In a homeless shelter, with roses in hand, women without a home, without hope, were given a manicure and escorted by men dressed in tuxedos.

“I want them to know that they are enough; that they still have what it takes; that there is power in womanhood,” said ORU alumna Monica Winn. “That they will overcome and can create something beautiful.”

Winn took her heart to the streets of Tulsa and the surrounding area to create Street Rose, a non-profit organization rebuilding the self-worth of homeless women.

Street Rose holds conferences in which influential speakers share messages of brokenness and redemption to the homeless women in attendance. The events are held where most of the

women sleep at night, which is predominately homeless shelters.

The last event held at the Salvation Army, provided information about free services in Tulsa. Street Rose gave out gift bags, gave manicures and established a four-week follow-up program for the women.

The purpose of every event is to make the women feel worthy and valued. Winn’s passion for helping women of underprivileged circumstances came from a love for people and a vision to help homeless women by pampering them and ultimately showing them God’s love for them as people.

“At the core of it, I saw women experiencing homelessness who truly didn’t believe they were worth anything more. I met women on the streets who believed the lie that they were unwanted, invisible and forgotten,” said Winn. “I wanted to be a part of something that combated this lie, because Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is theirs.”

Although Winn is unsure of her overall impact on homelessness throughout America, she knows each conversation with women on the street impacts their lives, and it’s more than enough for her.

“When I see a woman experiencing homelessness, I don’t see someone forgotten or unseen. I don’t see those lies, even when that’s all they can see,” said Winn. “I see beauty in its rawest form: broken, but so wanted and desired by Jesus.”

Street Rose sells metal rose necklaces, with 100 percent of the proceeds going towards funding future events. Winn encourages those who buy the necklaces to one day give it to a woman experiencing homelessness and to speak life and truth into her situation.

The next event will be held in the spring of 2016 in Seattle, Washington. For more information about Street Rose, visit

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