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Student launches campus ministry

Small fliers advertising daily devos recently slid under the doors of students on campus. The flyers represent U-in-1, an organization started by ORU marketing major Harley Liechty. The student-led organization U-in-1 launched this semester has already has brought in a large following of people.

“U-in1 is a fully student-run organization that strives to make ORU a more connected and happy place,” said Liechty. “We’re seeking to improve each other, from one student to another.”

Liechty got the inspiration for the organization while doing a marketing internship over the summer.

“It was sorta a thought that jumped into my head. The thought was what if you could create organized happiness? What if there was a set of services that was done by an organization where if people tapped into them they would more than likely have a happier more improved day?” said Liechty.

One thing that may catch students’ eye is the blue Canada goose U-in-1 uses as its logo. Geese are a disliked animal on campus but Liechty uses the disliked animal to his advantage.

“Everybody hates the geese, right? Why not take a figure that is hated and make it something that people love?” said Liechty.

U-in-1 posts small encouraging messages each day for Facebook and Instagram followers. The organization has around 135 Facebook likes and about 716 Instagram followers. U-in-1 also sends out daily devotionals to students who subscribe to the service.

“The devotionals are meant to be encouraging and motivating to anyone who reads them,” said Liechty.

Liechty has seven writers writing U-in-1’s daily devotionals. Each writer has an individual day to send out a devotional. Subscribers will receive a link to the devotional and will be able to read it straight from their phone. The format of each devo is a scripture and a couple paragraphs. Liechty gives his writers flexibility and trusts their writing skills, but he does expect the devos to be “short, sweet and to the point.”

There are currently 190 students signed up for the daily devos.

Right now, U-in-1 is steadily growing and Liechty has a few ideas to help his organization grow even faster. Two of his ideas include what Liechty calls the GTT list and student intercessors.

The GTT list stands for good things in Tulsa and will include a full list of local events and offers such as places where students can get discounts, big event areas and events that are happening on campus like music concerts. The GTT list will be just as convenient as the daily devotionals.

The student intercessors will consist of students who send out uplifting messages to those who need an encouraging word. If somebody has an issue or situation going on, they can text U-in-1 a summary of what their situation is. The student intercessor will respond back to them with uplifting encouraging words and scripture within the next 24 hours. The student can also choose to see the student intercessor face to face is desired.

Right now, Liechty is ahead of U-in-1, but he is not sure how his organization will go on after he graduates. Liechty has put his trust in God to give him direction.

“I heard from God that he just wants me to see what happens in the next two years and just live as an example of him,” he said.

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