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Students anticipate Moses blockbuster

On Dec. 12, the movie “Exodus: Gods and Kings” will be released in theaters. The film tells the story of Moses and how he takes 600,000 slaves on a journey to escape slavery under the rule of Egypt.

Many biblically-inspired movies have rubbed viewers, namely Christian viewers, the wrong way in recent years. With this being the case, what can potential movie-goers expect from this latest release?

“I hope it does the story justice,” said ORU student Graham McIntyre. “The story of Moses is very powerful, and it’s very possible for a film to over-sensationalize it. I just hope it’s accurate. Many movies in the past have portrayed the Bible in a poor fashion, I think.”

Many other ORU students and faculty feel the same way. To others, it doesn’t bother them so much, as long as the Bible is being talked about.

“Although Hollywood has some degree of power… it is just an entertainment business,” said ORU Old Testament teaching assistant Flavio Vital. “That is why when men realize their deep need for truth, they don’t go to Hollywood.”

ORU chaplain John Bradford speculated as to motives behind Hollywood’s recent religious releases:

“It all comes down to money. If Hollywood can get the Christian dollar, they will,” Bradford said. “No historical event is ever told 100 percent accurately. However, God can still use these movies to peak people’s interest about the Bible, that’s what really matters. And when they read, the story becomes accurate.”

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