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Students pick up mics in Disney karaoke

Wednesday night proved magical for students as they gathered in the Hammer Center to sing Disney classics during karaoke night.

Over 50 students signed up to belt their hearts out to the Disney melodies they grew up singing. Participants were encouraged to sing solos, duets and group karaoke numbers. Crowd favorites included “Let it Go,” “Akuna Matata” and “Colors of the Wind.”

Sarah Triplett belted out “Colors of the Wind” from “Pocahontas.” Students were cheering her on and recording her on their cell phones.

“Could you not see my hands shaking?” Triplett said. “I wanted to sing ‘Let It Go,’ but everyone else wanted a different song since someone else already sang it. So I went with ‘Colors of the Wind.’ It was a great substitute.”

Triplett’s vocal talent inspired Jeremy Hunt to introduce himself and sing a duet with her.
“I met her a few minutes ago, after she sang the ‘Colors of the Wind’ and congratulated her,” Hunt said. “Then we decided to sing together.”

In total Hunt performed four times for the student body with duets, solos and groups. His favorite performance was “A Whole New World” with Triplett.

There were a few students reluctant to grab the microphone for various reasons. Matt Foster would have sung “Strangers Like Me” from “Tarzan,” but couldn’t find a partner to sing with. He backed out, but others didn’t feel they had the talent.

“I just don’t want people to hear me sing,” said Isaac Sandoval.

He watched instead.

“So far, I liked the ‘Toy Story’ one the most, because it’s my favorite movie,” Sandoval said.

Yet others faced their fears and signed up to sing with their friends. A group of six students sang “Under the Sea.”

They danced along to the music and interacted well with each other as they passed the microphone around. Christy Kaneta didn’t have the energy for nerves.

“I’m half awake, so I wasn’t able to be nervous,” said Kaneta, one of the six performers.
The night proved a success to those avid Disney fans.

“I love this because I’m obsessed with Disney, so this is my kind of event,” said Miranda Bullard.

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