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Students share a taste of fine art

“Promethia” is the literary journal of the English department. The department has begun to collect creative work from students and facutly throughout the year for the annual publication.

Students are welcome to submit short stories, poetry, photography or art. The publication is released at an unveiling event at the end of the academic year in April.

For senior graphic design major Lisa Kleefeld, this is her favorite Promethia event of the year.

“I am really looking forward to seeing what students present and submit this year,” Kleefeld said. “Whether it’s people who have been in it before, or people who are just finding out about us, it’s always exciting to see what everyone brings to the table.”

This is her second year working as the design editor of the journal. For Kleefeld, participating in Promethia has given her real-life experience. She designs the posters, takes pictures of the events and decides which pieces of art make it into the final publication.

Poetry reading, spoken word and art galleries, other events throughout the year give opportunities for creative students to showcase their artistic talent.

“It’s a really great way to get your writing out there, as well as be inspired by other student’s work,” said junior Charis Schneider. “I’ve really enjoyed the process of sharing my work and then hearing feedback from other students and faculty, and I’d recommend it to anyone desiring to grow in their literary skill.”

Submissions should be sent to to be published in the 2014-2015 edition. Submissions are open to all students. More information can be found on the Promethia ORU Facebook page.

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