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Study Hacks: Survival tips from APA staff

Thanksgiving is just around the corner; students can taste the freedom and turkey. The lights are up, the carols have started, but school is still in session.

Every assignment is due, and they just keep coming. There’s just three weeks left, and students are feeling the impact of all the Sodexo bucks spent during all-night study sessions. The semester has had its ups and downs but Christmas break, the light at the end of the tunnel, is fast approaching.

Luckily there are academic peer advisers (APA’s) available to make the end of the semester less painful and lend wisdom to an often stressful time.

Make a playlist
“Don’t give up; it’s still like 20 percent of your grade,” said Hannah White, upper Claudius head APA.

Listening to music is a great tool for studying. For some it’s classical; for others it’s Disney. Then, there’s the group who turns on their gangster rap when they hit the books. Spotify has a variety of pre-made playlists for specific genres and moods.

Use your resources
“Save money by making friends in class who usually bring extra scantrons,” said Mariah Lipnick, Frances head APA.

APA’s are there to help, but they have finals too. Don’t wait until the last minute to have them edit a paper. The Hyper Link is a great resource, because it provides much-needed extended time with the tutors. The library is another great place to find some quiet, and you can even reserve a room for your study group. Know what study method works for you and stick to it.

“Don’t be a baby about it. Do the thing. Then, Merry Christmas,” said J.J. Johnson, APA program male coordinator.

Taking tests and giving presentations are just as much psychological as it is about knowing the material. Breaks are encouraged during these crucial weeks. When students relax, it allows them to have more confidence. What matters is putting forth the best effort.

Take care of yourself
“Limit pizza consumption to one [pizza] per all-nighter,” said Cole Stephenson, APA program internal affairs coordinator.

It may seem like a great idea to study the flashcards one more time or to stay up all night practicing equations, but it’s not. Get some sleep, because it is important. Drink water and try to eat some fruits and vegetables between late-night runs to Whataburger and chugging Red Bull.

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