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Generations of students have walked the ORU campus, their fashions and music have come full circle over the decades, but the catch phrases and slang have remained with their times. The Oracle asked students and professors to define phrases from the opposite generation. Current students replied to 1960s slang and professors responded to 2015 slang. The results? Confusion, dismay and lots of laughs.

2015 student responses to 1960s slang

“Ankle Biter” (small child, baby): “Puppy?” “Cute girl?” “Close call”
“A Gas” (a lot of fun): “Bodily function?” “Car?”
“Outta Sight” (amazement, excitement): “Too cool” “I can’t see it?”
“Dig” (do you understand?): “Digging holes?”
“Gimme some skin” (shake hand): “Elbow?” “High five?”
“Drag” (disappointment): “Super annoying”
“Primo” (best, first class): “Cousin?”

Faculty respond to 2015 slang

“Bae” (before anyone else):
“Like a foyer, or apartment?” – Gary Pranger, associate professor of history
“Probably an acronym. “Everybody speaks in ‘OMG.’” – Sandy Turnbow, behavioral sciences
“It probably means ‘babe,’ and I probably would not want anyone to call me that.” – Gilda Elk, library circulations supervisor

“Thirsty” (someone’s desperation, over-eagerness):
“They need water.” – Mrs. Turnbow, and after finding out, – “We call that needy.”
“They want an appropriate significant other” – Becky Mills secretary Communication, Arts and Media
“To me, it means thirsty for the Lord.” – Mrs. Elk

Turn up (getting pumped):
“Either a small red vegetable, or they can’t hear you” – Mrs. Turnbow

“On Fleek” (top, looking good):
“Either some new mobile device, or some fashion statement. That was totally off the top of my head.” – Dr. Pranger
“If someone says it to me, they’re not dissing me, right?” – Mrs. Turnbow

“Basic” (someone who is interested in popular, commercial things, unoriginal or mainstream):
“Very simple, very simply dressed.” – Dr. Pranger
“There’s nothing outstanding about that person.” – Mrs. Becky Mills

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