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The Conversant Critic: Pinkitzel offers basic treats

All things sweet line the walls of Pinkitzel, a cupcake and candy store in downtown Tulsa.

Pinkitzel, meaning “tickled pink,” is an Oklahoma-owned bakery with two locations in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. The store may seem like just a cupcake bakery at first glance, but it’s also a candy store and gift shop.

The cupcakes are made fresh everyday and cutely wrapped in the store’s signature wrappers. Pinkitzel has numerous flavors to choose from, including Red Velvet, Cookies and Cream and Salted Caramel.

Cupcakes are touted as the store’s specialty, but the tiny cakes are underwhelming. One of the available flavors is birthday cake, a simple vanilla cupcake topped with dark pink buttercream frosting. It’s not overwhelmingly special; it tastes like any average cupcake.

Pinkitzel’s Pink Lemonade cupcake, however, offers a more unique taste. The vanilla cake topped with lemonade flavored buttercream is something not found on every street corner. The buttercream is a light, sugary, lemonade flavor and the cake is filled with pink lemonade filling. A lemon candy slice tops the cupcake, and a cute pink-striped paper straw playfully sticks out the side.

Each cupcake is $3.50 or $3.00, and are sold by the dozen. Customers who purchase a dozen cupcakes can get their cupcakes wrapped in pink boxes tied with string to give as gifts.

Pinkitzel also offers drinks with a vintage feel. They are packed in traditional glass bottles, and come in fun flavors like root beer, cream soda and black cherry soda. The French Pink Lemonade sounds like a delicious drink, but leave it behind for a better selection. It’s a sparkling lemonade with a disenchanting blend of sour and sweet, and the fizz only contributes to the unpleasant taste.

Pinkitzel also sells candy by the pound, and boasts its own collection of sweets such as saltwater taffy truffles, chocolate-covered strawberries, caramel apples and French macarons.

The gift shop has mugs, bags, plaques, stuffed animals and even clothes on display on the far right side of the store lined up in mini aisles. Hello Kitty lovers can even find a small selection of salt and pepper shakers and cupcake kits.

Vintage yet modern in style, Pinkitzel may be an unconventional store but it has a certain undeniable charm. Enjoy the attractive décor and