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The Conversant Critic: Victoria’s Tea Room

Enter a world of elegance at Victoria’s Tea Room tucked away on 6827 S. Memorial Drive near the Woodland Hills Mall. The dainty restaurant is filled with pretty décor, crystal chandeliers and refined china. Both ladies and men will enjoy the Tiffany Blue color theme. Classical music plays softly in the background, creating a classy environment. The restaurant specifically tells customers this is not a fast food restaurant and the staff will take their time. Owner Sheila Daniels is proud of her tea room and strives for her establishment to be unique.

“This is kind of my ministry,” said Daniels, “something I felt like the Lord told me to do, so I did it.”

The atmosphere is peaceful and quiet. Servers are dressed in formal attire and very hospitable, while the host greets customers with a welcoming smile.

Try Victoria’s Sensation to get a sampler of what the menu has to offer. The dish is $12.95 and includes their famous chicken salad, a slice of quiche, a cup of soup, the day’s selected muffin or bread and fruit salad. Each day a different soup, muffin and quiche is freshly prepared.

A light, beautiful salad from Victoria's Tea Room. Photo by Wyatt Bullard.
A light, beautiful salad from Victoria’s Tea Room. Photo by Wyatt Bullard.

The chicken salad is a simple mixture of chicken, grapes, carrots, celery and mayo. The salad is refreshing and sweet, and can be eaten on bread to make a tasty sandwich. The cheeseburger soup sounds like a questionable combination, but Victoria’s Tea Room created a successfully delicious blend. This well-seasoned soup includes hamburger meat mixed in a creamy, cheesy broth. Take one bite of this distinctive soup and experience the flavors of a traditional favorite with an eclectic twist. The soup is served in a small tea cup with two crackers on the side. Next on the plate is the tomato bacon quiche. The quiche is a fluffy combination of eggs, cheeses, bacon and tomato. A traditional fruit salad makes an appearance on the plate with a succulent combination of fresh strawberries, grapes, kiwi and mango. Finish this delectable sampler with the carrot nut bread. Its a subtly sweet bread tasting of cinnamon with walnuts and carrots. The flavors work well together and it is not overwhelmingly sweet.

A trip to Victoria’s Tea Room is not complete without an order of bubble tea. The bubble tea is a chilled, fun treat tasting more like a dessert than actual tea. It is served in a glass and toped with whipped cream. Small “bubbles” pop in the mouth with every sip, and customers can choose from a variety of flavors including strawberry, peach and banana.

Victoria’s Tea Room offers many desserts like cupcakes and chocolate cake. The tea room even offers customers a free slice of lemon or chocolate bundt cake on their birthday. This dainty restaurant isn’t just for lunch; customers can also order wedding cakes and reserve private parties. Come in and try selections from the new breakfast menu as well.

Victoria’s Tea Room is a unique restaurant open to anyone ready to try exquisite food and have an upscale experience for a reasonable price.

Story by Victoria Atterberry, Photos by Wyatt Bullard

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