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The Conversant Critic: Weber’s superior root beer

Root beer lovers will enjoy Weber’s Superior Root Beer Restaurant. Located at Brookside on Peoria, this family owned and operated restaurant has been serving its signature root beer and food since 1933.

The restaurant’s orange exterior is hard to miss. The burger joint has a tiny dining area, with just a few barstools facing the windows. There are also tables outside for extra dining room.

Staff members play a huge part in the dining experience, and Weber’s has friendly faces to greet customers. They are also helpful to first time visitors, an added bonus for those who are unfamiliar with the restaurant’s menu.

Weber’s boasts a collection of All-American food including cheeseburgers, chili burgers, sausage burgers, coneys, french fries and onion rings. The food is homemade and served hot and fresh, but it’s not anything spectacular.

The cheeseburger, topped with onions, pickles, and a choice of mayo, mustard or ketchup, is a tasty yet average burger. The onion rings and french fries lack seasoning, giving them a very bland taste.  Keep in mind the small order of fries and onion rings are large enough to feed two people. Half orders can be requested for individual dining. Also the small burger is smaller in size than most. The quarter pounder and third pounder are larger options.

While the food isn’t something out of this world, Weber’s root beer makes the trip worthwhile. The classic drink, served in an ice-cold mug, is a delectable treat for visitors. Just the right amount of sweetness, vanilla and fizz, Weber’s Superior Root Beer is noticeably better than the typical A&W or Barq’s root beer. Root beer floats are also available. Weber’s root beer can also be bought online, for those who can’t get enough of the delicious soda. Customers can buy a 6, 12 or 24-pack.

Weber’s is average in the food department. On the first visit, stay away from the traditional cheeseburger and go for something more unique such as the sausage burger or chili burger. Weber’s Root Beer, however, is a special treat and the main reason to give this food joint a try.