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‘The Glass Menagerie’ plays on memory, perspective

This past week, ORU was treated with “The Glass Menagerie.”

Tennessee William’s classic play focuses on the difficulty of accepting reality, the impossibility of true escape and the unrelenting power of memory.

The title of this play enlightens us for the glass menagerie is the play’s central symbol.

The different animals in Laura’s collection represent the different aspects of her personality. Laura is fragile, imaginary and traditional, like her figurines.

However, in the right light the glass shows a rainbow of colors.

Laura herself seems to be bland and quiet, but when she is looked at through the right light she seems very different.

All of us in some way or another can relate to this symbolism.

“Showcase is always a great experience because you get to see many interpretations of one character,” Patty Whitlock, junior theater arts and French major.

“Some of my favorite characters and plays have been presented on the showcase stage, and I never want to miss the chance to portray a character I greatly admire.”

“The Glass Menagerie” was part of the theater department’s showcase series. The performances are free, but there is limited seating.

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