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The picky eater’s guide to SAGA

Picky eaters and foodies rejoice. Gone are the days of leaving the dining hall disappointed and hungry with no Sodexo bucks to spare.

It is easy to get into a Saga slump. Sometimes nothing on the menu sounds appetizing, and salads, cereal and pizza do not make a balanced diet. Luckily, Saga has staples always available to students. These foundations provide a choices for any meal.

Take control and treat your taste buds instead of dreading what might be served. When the everyday does not satisfy, try these creative and enjoyable twists on Saga classics.

Salami Pasta Salad

This little Italian pasta dish is a light but filling option.
1. First, grab some pasta from the pizza bar. We opted for penne, but any pasta will do.
2. Add some salami from the cold cuts section. For best results, cut or tear the salami into smaller pieces.
3. Add spinach, grape tomatoes and feta cheese to the salad.
4. Top it off with olive oil, salt and pepper and viola! An Italian delicacy.

Cucumber Pita Sandwich

If you aren’t feeling too hungry, this is super simple but so delicious.
1. Grab some pita chips, cucumbers and hummus.
2. Spoon some hummus on two pita chips. Place a cucumber on one.
3. Place the other chip on top, and you have a light, refreshing and
little-effort meal in minutes.

Tuna Melt

The Tuna Melt is a simple yet satisfying selection, and it’s incredibly easy to make.
1. Choose two slices of bread and evenly spread the provided tuna salad on one slice.
2. Choose two slices of your favorite cheese (don’t be afraid to change it up), and place them on top of the tuna. Add tomatoes and lettuce if desired.
Head to a panini press, and toast the sandwich for about 30 seconds. Pair your tuna melt with chips from the Sub Station for a complete lunch or dinner.

Mexi Salad

This dish is very easy and filling. Sometimes the salad bar can get old when you’re trying to keep off those extra pounds, but this Mexican-style salad is a game changer, especially if you love good Mexican food.
1. Grab your spinach, salad mix, lettuce and some bell peppers.
2. Head over to the rice and beans station, and add a couple spoonfuls to the pile. Rice and beans are often overlooked, but they are a solid choice for both protein and fiber when you can’t satisfy your cravings.
4. Go to the deli with a small bowl, and get some chicken.
5. Finally, add cheddar cheese and sour cream. It will also complement this well if it’s available.
6. Finish it off with salsa for the dressing. Between the flavors and textures of everything on your plate, it doesn’t need much else for zest.

Burrito Bowl

The burrito bowl is very similar to the Mexi Salad and is a winner for those who like a southwest flavor.
1. Find a bowl, and layer beans and rice on the bottom.
2. Add chicken from the Sub Station for a second layer.
3. Top it off with a layer of lettuce, cheese and salsa.

Honey Banana Bites

A quick and nutritious snack awaits those who want a little sweetness in their meals without a visit to the dessert bar.
1. Select the perfect banana.
2. Fill a bowl with a small amount of honey and grab two packages of peanut butter.
3. Peel your banana, and scoop a small section out with a spoon. Then, scoop a small amount of peanut butter and honey onto the spoon and enjoy this sweet, satisfying treat.

PB&J Waffle

If you hate asking Sodexo workers for one third of the dish they’re serving, or just waiting in those lines, this delicacy is easy, yummy and will spare you the stress of appearing overly choosy.
1. Step on up to the waffle maker, and fill it with the batter to your liking, just like you’re making a normal waffle.
2. While it’s cooking, go grab some peanut butter and jelly packets from the sandwich line, enough to your liking.
3. Once your waffle is ready and you’ve got your PB&J, cover each half of the waffle with the heavenly combination. Then fold it in half just like your everyday sandwich and enjoy!

Other helpful hints

1. When in doubt, use the panini press. Any good sandwich can be made better using this tool. Don’t forget to leave foods in long enough.
2. Cereal is usually a staple for the unsatisfied patrons of the cafeteria. Try mixing your cereals or using chocolate milk to spice it up. Most upperclassmen will agree this can be a saving grace.
3. Try making an ice cream sandwich by putting soft-serve ice cream between two Saga cookies.

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