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The Playhouse theatre’s “Little Women” gear up for tour

Several ORU students and alumni will get to relive the thrill of opening night as they take The Playhouse theatre’s original production of “Little Women” to the Delta Grand Theatre in Opelousas.

Adapted from Louisa May Alcott’s famous novel by the same name, the classic story of the March family was crafted into a script for stage by playwright, Cody Daigle.

The local theatre group collaborated with Daigle in his efforts to produce his original script; thus, a new production of “Little Women” was performed at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center July 12-14.

Founder Courtneay Sanders said that “Little Women” will be the first show The Playhouse has ever taken on the road.

“We’re creating a repertory of touring shows and ‘Little Women’ is the first one,” said Sanders. “We’ll expand the tour to include more dates and cities next season.”

Several ORU students are involved in the show, working in stage management, costume design and stage makeup.

Drama, television and film major, Koreen McLain, spent the summer before her senior year with Playhouse rehearsing for the premiere of the show, and plans to travel with the group in October as well.

“Being able to tour with this production is exciting since I am doing what I love gaining real experience along the way,” McLain said.

McLain said the acting experience is “more enjoyable because there is no expectation, only anticipation.”

The Playhouse is not strictly limited to ORU students. Any willing participants in the Tulsa area are welcome at the open auditions.

ORU alumna, Amy Neerman, said she was thrilled to be a part of this original stage show. Neerman graduated in 2001, but has been focusing on family life.

Neerman said she was nervous since she hasn’t performed in 12 years.

“This was my first time out of the gate since I graduated,” said Neerman.

As for October, Neerman will be leaving her family behind for a few days to make the 8 hour trip to Louisiana for a weekend.
“I feel excited—just so thrilled to be a part of this cast.” said Neerman. “It was wonderful to hear that people were already anticipating our arrival in Louisiana. I think it’s going to be wonderful.”

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