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The search for study sanctuary

With finals just around the corner, two words are on everyone’s minds: Christmas and studying.

But, before you can have the former, you must get through the latter. To help push through your last week, here’s a list of some of the best places to study on and off campus.

The Prayer Garden

If you can bear the dropping temperature, the Prayer Garden makes a nice place to study. It offers the peace and quiet of a park, without having to cross town to get there. It has a number of tables and benches, or you can spread out under a tree and enjoy the grass.

The Student Lounge

When the Hammer Center opened, the café next to Chick-fil-A was replaced by Jazzman’s. Fortunately, all of the sofas and tables remained. As a result, the room makes a perfect study location. Sink into one of the sofas and put your feet up as you work, or grab some friends and host a group study session.

The Library

This may sound like an obvious choice, but many people overlook it. The library offers a quiet and spacious place to focus and get a lot of work done. There are private study rooms available for reservation, as well as multiple computers and printers if needed.


If you want to get off campus, but don’t have a car, look no farther than Nordaggio’s. This small coffee house is just across the street. “Nord’s” has free Wi-Fi, a relaxed, quiet atmosphere and a wide selection of great coffees and teas. It can get crowded during the evenings though, and don’t plan on staying too late. They close at 11 p.m. on Sunday and Monday, and midnight the rest of the week.

Find Nordaggio’s in the shopping center on the corner of 81 and Lewis behind McAlister’s.

Panera Bread 

Also within walking distance is Panera Bread. The restaurant has many soups, salads and sandwiches that won’t disappoint. They also offer coffee, but don’t expect the same quality you’d find in one of the coffee shops around Tulsa. The restaurant is large enough to support a group of people, and noise isn’t an issue. The atmosphere isn’t as nice as some other places, but it’s quiet, and you can get work done easily. Panera is located at 6981 Lewis Ave., next to Moody’s Jewelry.

Your Room

If all else fails, your room can become a studying last stand. Your dorm room can provide a certain familiarity or comfort that can help you focus. Try to avoid the distractions your room may provide, e.g. video games, and focus on working.

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