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Theatre department starts prep for British comedy

Dafne Basave-Mead wears many hats, literally.

As the official costume designer for the ORU Theatre Department, assistant professor of theatre, newlywed and pastor’s wife, she will now also take on the new role of director for the production of “The 39 Steps.” 

The comedic play will make its ORU debut on Nov. 6. 

“I actually was suggested by Courtneay [Sanders] and Laura [Holland],” Basave-Mead said. “I’ve seen the show myself, and it’s a very comedic show. It has its challenges, but I know it will allow me to strengthen the actors and their abilities.”

Out of a cast of four people, three of the actors play multiple characters.

Senior theatre arts major Shekinah Bauman welcomes all of the show’s challenges as an opportunity to grow as an actress. 

“I hope to gain more experience, especially in comedy, because it is a different communication process than children’s shows,” she said. “It’s a different process communicating to an older audience.”

Bauman has appeared in “The Great Cross Country Race” and “The Cat in the Hat.” She is taking on her first lead role to complete her character analysis for her senior project.

“I think this show will be a drastic contrast from ‘Diary of Anne Frank,’ but it is going to be just as great. They aren’t comparable, but I think that we are in need of a lighter show to follow ‘Diary,’” Bauman said.

Basave-Mead shares this same vision for her actors and the audience.

“I want them not only to have a good laugh, but also to be reminded that theatre can bring joy,” she said. “It can be a reminder that God also uses joy as a relief of the circumstances that we might face in our lives.”

Originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, Basave-Mead arrived in the U.S. after her father accepted a job in the country.

“My dad was hired by a non-profit organization in the U.S. and that developed his Hispanic Christian leadership, so we had to move to Houston,” she said.

Basave-Mead’s desire to learn under solid Christian values and principles led her to Oral Roberts University. She graduated from ORU in December 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in Drama, Television and Film.

Basave-Mead has designed for ORU theatre  productions since August 2012 for shows like “Hello Dolly,” “The Cat in the Hat” and most recently “The Diary of Anne Frank.”

Basave-Mead teaches fundamentals of acting, make-up design and costume design when she is not designing.

Internet Photo, vintage poster of “The 39 Steps”

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