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‘Thor’ sequel thrills audiences

Alan Taylor introduced new mystical worlds and unique character powers in his highly anticipated drama “Thor: The Dark World.”

It picks up right where the original “Thor” left off.

When a mysterious dark power threatens Earth, Asgard and the other realms, Thor must find a way to destroy this evil power once and for all.

Alliances form, trusts are broken and battles are waged in an epic attempt to save what’s left of the nine realms.

Full of captivating scenes and dramatic battles of good versus evil, “Thor: The Dark World” doesn’t lack action or adventure.

New conflicts unfold as the charming love story of Thor and Jane continues. The storyline provides romantic movie goers something to look forward to.

The pacing never allows the audience to get bored. Each scene has something new to offer, keeping the audience entertained and captivated. In addition to producing an entertaining plot, “Thor: The Dark World” brings back the award winning cast that made the original “Thor” famous.

Chris Hemsworth once again plays the role of the cocky, invincible superhero Thor. Natalie Portman fills the role of the quirky, nerdy and love sick, Jane Foster. Tom Hiddleston gives a powerful performance as he plays the villainous Loki.

This action-adventure was definitely entertaining and fun to watch. Powerful acting, captivating visuals and humorous themes truly brought this movie together.

However, like many good movies, there was one flaw.

There’s an unnecessary amount of humor. Some humor is enjoyable, and a good relief from the gravity of the movie. But the excessive amount of humor in this movie becomes stale and dull, and takes away from the plot.

Overall, “Thor: The Dark World” is a well made sequel that lived up to the hype it received.

Unlike many other anticipated sequels, this film was not a letdown, and Thor fans as well as others will unquestionably enjoy this film. Four stars for the fun and exciting “Thor: the Dark World.”

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