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Try a taste of India

Try Tulsa’s fine Indian dining at India Palace, located conveniently at 6963 S. Lewis Ave.

India Palace is Tulsa’s oldest Indian restaurant, which offers excellent service and authentic Indian food. The restaurant is open every day. A lunch buffet is available from 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m. as well as regular dining hours from 5-10 p.m. The prices range from $10-$15 for entrees.

Catering both to the casual and high-class diners, the restaurant is a calm and serene setting for all.

The Singh brothers came to the U.S. in 1989 from Punjab, India. One of the Singh brothers, Guldeep, founded the first India Palace in Sante Fe, N.M. It is still open today. The other brother, Manjit, cooked in a restaurant in Dallas. In 1994, the brothers rejoined forces and opened India Palace in Tulsa.

Walking in the door, you’re greeted with the sound of soft Indian music and the scent of curry and other Indian spices. The palace is decorated with colorful, exotic tapestries and wall hangings. Table candles and dim lighting create a relaxing, romantic environment.

The customer service is great, and a server is at the table within a few minutes of being seated. Throughout the meal, there is never a need to call a server to the table because they consistently check up on their customers.

Some may consider the servers behavior overbearing, while others find it accommodating. ORU graduate student Tina Wood said, “India Palace has delicious food, but I hate how I cannot even finish my water before a waiter is there to fill up my glass.”

Upon being seated, customers are given Papad to eat, which is similar to a crispy wafer that has a spicy, onion seasoning on top.

There are a variety of entrees to decide among, from Tandoori Chicken to Seekh Kabab. The hot chai tea, which includes free refills, is an excellent option for the upcoming chilly fall days.

Chicken Tikka Masala is one of their most popular dishes. It consists of boneless chicken in a creamy tomato-based sauce. Naan bread is another crowd favorite, which comes hot and fresh out of the oven.

As delicious as the papad and entree are, the desserts add a sweet finish to the experience. India Palace offers Mango Kulfi (ice cream with mangoes) and Kheer (rice pudding) as well as many other scrumptious options.

Junior Amber Vanderburg said, “This summer I went to India, and our mission team spent a great deal of time comparing our food in the real India to the food at India Palace. The authentic taste and friendly atmosphere makes for a great night out.”

Take a five-minute drive from ORU campus and enjoy authentic Indian food to add a bit of flavor and seasoning to your everyday life.


Words to know before you go…
Naan Bread – leavened, doughy bread cooked in a ‘tandoor’
Tandoor– a traditional clay oven which uses charcoal for an authentic flavor. Meats cooked in a tandoor contain less fat and are often first marinated in a spiced yoghurt sauce, and may be served dry or added to a sauce.
Curry – the staple dish of the Anglo/Indian restaurant client. Each chef has his or her own way of mixing spices and preparing this dish, which are united by their rich flavor and abundant sauce!

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